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Visa Training


How to pay SEVIS fee


We assist our students in the entire processing right from filling up application, preparing financial statement, providing guidance and online visa materials. We also provide mock interview sessions to prepare student for actual visa interview.
We are in touch with the consulates on a regular basis and are informed about the latest rules and changes in visa documents which results in our extremely high visa success rate.
Though there are three different types of visas that are extended to the students’ category, the F visa is applicable to the students who intend on going for a full term course in colleges approved by the Department of Homeland Security. While F-1 visa is for the student, F-2 visa is issued for the student’s spouse/child, who can accompany the student but cannot seek employment in the US.
In order to secure a non-immigrant student visa, you have to establish the following facts.

  • Present form I-20 A-B (also an electronic version of the same through SEVIS) that authenticates acceptance of the student at the DHS approved college.
  • Proof of SEVIS I-901 fee payment
  • Sufficient knowledge of English
  • Good Academic Record
  • Roots to India
  • Good Financial Standing
  • Compatibility of the University Chosen
  • Always use Parents as sponsors to study overseas as if you are using other rather than parents as sponsors give good reasons why they are sponsoring you.
  • Avoid bringing your relatives in the USA into the picture either as sponsor or the people who have motivated you to go to the United Kingdom for education.
  • Please do not talk about job and job opportunities around the City that you have chosen for your studies.
  • Your reason of coming back to india should be related to good career opportunities, substantial financial gains and better business opportunities after obtaining a USA qualification.


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