Good morning (the visa officer talked to me in Polish at the beginning which was surprising for me. Anyway, I answered in English)

Good morning (meanwhile I passed my passport, I-20, acceptance letter, confirmation that I paid Visa fee and SEVIS fee. The visa officer first looked at my I-20).

 Where are you going to study ?

I will study at Lincoln University in Oakland, California. I will pursue my MBA degree over there.

(Then, she looked carefully through my passport)

 I see you have been to Japan many times.

Yes,  my major was Japanese language & culture. I got a scholarship in Japan and spent there some time.

 How will you pay for your studys?

I will use my savings to pay for the 1st year. Then, I plan to use money which I will earn while doing internship. As you can see on the acceptance letter, my university offers me Curricular Practical Training which is obligatory part of my studys.

 Have you been to the US before ?

Yes, I have been twice during my summer holiday. I went there to visit my friends which I met while studying in Japan.

  Are you working now?

Yes, I am working as Japanese-Polish translator.

  Is it easy to find a job in your profession ?

Honestly speaking, few years ago it was really easy and I could choose between different job offers. But nowadays more and more people is studying Japanese language in Poland. This is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue MBA degree. I want to be more competetive on the job market and MBA degree fills a gap on my CV and opens many doors for me.

When do you plan to fly to California ?

January 10th.

We will send you back your passport and I-20 by courier within 5 business days. Is it all right for you ?

Yes, thank you.

 Good luck in your studys.

Thank you, goodbye.

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