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Study in Canada – A Unique Experience

Study in Canada – A Unique Experience 

There is not any doubt that to study abroad, provides you an excellent chance to learn various vital things that are very beneficial in your career construction. Now, Canada has also earned a great name in providing quality instruction and safe healthier environment to its students. That's why more than 1, 30,000 international students enroll annually in reputed Canadian Universities. Canada gives utmost importance to education and has developed original rate education system with high standards. It is an perfect education destination and provides students a exceptional experience of schooling and its own versatile arts and culture. Canada spends more on Education as compared to Organization for Economics and Co-operation and Development (OECD) average and is ranked at the highest in G-8 nations.
To study in Canada for higher education is quite cost effective and its Universities provide world class instruction. These Universities are affordable as compared to other Universities of the world for example US, New-Zealand and UK in which cost of education and living are extremely high. According to a poll in 2006 from the Association of Commonwealth Universities, "Canada provided the lowest tuition fees for overseas students as compared to UK and Australia".
The reduced intensity of crimes and peaceful safe environment of the country also lures a great deal of international students towards Canadian Universities. Canada has 92 Universities and 175 community schools and University degrees have three levels- Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral.
A Bachelor degree in Canada compromises for complete time four or three years depending upon the character of program you're doing (routine or specialized). On the other hand, Masters Degree consists of two years of study for which honors degree is crucial. For Doctoral application in Canadian University you require minimum three to four or sometimes five decades of extensive investigation and research. It features PhD and doctoral degree in Music (DMus) and regulation (LLD) can also be obtained from the Faculties.
You might also find many diploma and certificate program in Canadian Universities where the time period is generally 1 to 2 years. Aside from the regular academic degree of Direction and Engineering, you could also obtain expert diploma in various fields such as pharmacy, medicine, Legislation, nursing and dentistry, education and social work. A number of those Canadian universities are regarded world wide and the level and diploma obtained from these Canadian Universities are recognized internationally and assure you bright future. After the completion of research you could also find great job supplies in Canada itself. Students who have Canadian Degree or Diploma are entitled to work for up to one year. International students require a work permit to operate on-campus.
For global students ready to study in Canada are required to find a study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You could also find scholarship apps being conducted by the Canadian Universities. Students who are not able to afford the cost of education can elect for these programs by securing at least 90 percent to 95 percent of marks from the merit. However, one of the basic examinations which each international student must experience is TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) It is compulsory for the pupils whose mother tongue is not English. The rating of TOEFL things a good deal in determining your destiny for the admission in the topnotch Universities of Canada.
The best eight Universities of Canada are recorded below-
– The University of British Columbia 
– University of Alberta 
– Trinity Western University 
– York University 
– University of Victoria 
– University of Toronto 
– Trent University 
– King's University College

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