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study in australia

study in australia 

Australia is among the worlds top education and training providers. There are over 400,000 students from 200 countries studying in Australia each year!
There are many reasons why you need to study in Australia.
Education in Australia is equally challenging and flexible. Australia is a safe, modern and dynamic country that's a leader in the Asia-Pacific region and plays a considerable part world wide. Australian education is also recognised all over the world.
There are several reasons to choose Australia as an education destination. Education in Australia is equally flexible and challenging but most significantly it is globally recognised and admired. Australia is a safe, modern and dynamic country that is a leader in the Asia-Pacific region and which plays a considerable part globally.
Here are some Excellent reasons to study in Australia: a) Quality, b) Affordability( c) An Entire Educational Experience, d) Reputation, and e) Security
Australian institutions have an international reputation for excellence in every area of education and instruction. In fact, Australia offers the world's best practice in quality assurance of education and training. The education process is subject to continuous checks and controls by government, industry and professional bodies to maintain and improve its already high standards. Several institutions in Australia also have ISO 9001 certification which guarantees the quality of service they provide.
Australian universities are broadly recognized in several areas. Actually, the Times Higher Education ranks put seven Australian universities in the World's Top 100 Universities in 2006.
Australia has a reputation of creating and embracing new and innovative technologies. Australian Universities have placed a high value in developing world class research facilities and centres of excellence. This reputation was confirmed with eight Australian Investigators receiving Nobel Prizes in different locations.
Finally, you'll realize that graduates from Australia are extremely successful in getting jobs soon after graduating and developing successful careers globally. When you study in Australia, you examine applications which have often been developed in consultation with various industries. This ensures that the research you undertake are relevant and meet the needs and requirements of companies and businesses those who seek exceptionally qualified individuals with an internationally recognized qualification.
Living expenses and tuition costs in Australia are considerably less expensive compared to other nations like the United Kingdom and Unites States of America.
In addition, international students have the opportunity to work up to 20 hours a week on a casual basis throughout their research and full-time during holiday periods providing they maintain a relevant working visa. This provides pupils with the chance to gain valuable work experience and/or make extra cash to support themselves while in Australia.
An Entire Educational Expertise
Studying in Australia is a complete life experience!
International students in Australia, while undertaking their chosen study program, have the opportunity to improve their research by getting involved in the numerous extra curricular activities offered by all Australian Institutions.
Most Australian Institutions include internships, exchange programs and volunteer programs into ordinary study programs to enable students to add value to their global study experience. In Australia, associations know that firms seek graduates with a complete profile, using an international experience and an awareness of the world about them.
In addition, the multicultural view of Australia allows students to meet people from countless countries all over the world. Where in the world can you walk into a classroom and also have the opportunity to network and create lifelong friends with individuals from all corners of the world?
The geographic location of Australia also allows one to the prospect of travelling to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. This is if you think yourself a global citizen!
Australia is a popular study destination for thousands of international students and has been for many years now. Throughout 2006, almost 400,000 international students from all over the world studied in Australia.
Australian institutions are sensitive to ethnic and spiritual requirements and provide well resourced, secure, welcoming and quality guaranteed solutions to international students studying in Australia.
Australian institutions have years of expertise and knowledge of welcoming and encouraging international students and this is provided through extensive support services. They place a great importance on making sure your experience in Australia is as simple as possible and that you quickly adapt to your new environment. They'll assist you as best they can to make sure you enjoy your time in Australia and get the most out of your study experience. Actually, all Australian institutions need to offer extensive student support services to their pupils by Australian law.
We advise that you visit each institutional website to find out more about the services they provide to their pupils.
The Australian Government has established legislation to protect international students while they are currently studying in Australia.
The ESOS Act is an Australian law which regulates institutions who offer instruction to international students. The ESOS Acts ensures that they meet nationally consistent standards in instruction delivery, facilities and services. Additionally, it orders a nationally consistent approach to registering education providers so that the quality of applications and related support services offered to students, stays high.
We ask that you get more information about Australia and don't wait to get an extraordinary life experience!
Keri is a Mexican with global experience both as an global student in Australia and as a marketing professional within the global education sector in Australia.

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