Students Take Advantage of Opportunities to Study in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Attracted to their strong economies and vibrant cultures, Western students are becoming increasingly interested in the opportunities on offer in Asian countries. Mandarin Chinese has quickly become one of the most popular foreign languages for university students to learn, and increasing numbers of them are taking semesters and years abroad in China, Japan, and elsewhere. Some of the best opportunities of this sort are some of the least widely known, though. For example, Singapore and Malaysia have some truly worthy and rewarding programs for foreign students.

English-speaking students who decide to Study in Singapore often find themselves hoping to put down ties in the country. This small island nation is known for its incredibly robust economy, as it serves as a trading and financial center for much of surrounding Asia. English is widely spoken in the country, so that students with English-speaking backgrounds invariably feel right at home from the start and can easily begin learning in their chosen fields, rather than struggling to adjust. Schools in the city-state offer six-month programs that segue into valuable arranged internships with companies in relevant industries, so that students combine academic learning with real-world skill-building that will help with acquiring employment later on.

Nearby Malaysia is an equally attractive destination for students, with similar opportunities being widely available. Those who opt to Study in Malaysia may again typically rely on their English skills when it comes to academic matters and will also have the opportunity to become proficient in the nation’s first language of Malaysian. Many opt for postings in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, an energetic, fascinating place which is also the economic hub of the large country.

Malaysia’s liberalized, Western-style economy means that it has many things to offer students looking to acquire the skills necessary to get started in future careers. Many find that the technical and engineering training available in the country is of especially high quality, with plenty of internships being available to put these newly acquired skills to use. As with Singapore, thanks to government initiatives aimed at increasing the number of foreign students in the country, those who wish to study in Malaysia will find plenty of attractive opportunities that are designed to be easy to take advantage of.

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