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Is Bachelor of Commerce (B Com) A Good Career Choice

Is Bachelor of Commerce (B Com) A Good Career Choice 

B. Com, or mentor of Commerce was first started at University of Birmingham. It was William Ashley, an Englishman in Oxford University and a professor of Political market and Constitutional History in the school of Arts at University of Toronto and also at Harvard University, who founded the School of Commerce here. Several new subjects have been added to the curriculum since and it's been made most suitable to present day business requirement.
Since the businesses are expanding internationally by means of latest technology, there is growing demand for trained and qualified people to take care of day to day company operations efficiently. B. Com is your only, the most popular and the most researched program all over the world. Because it is directly associated with the basic business requirements, it covers a very wide realm of employment prospects worldwide. A commerce graduate, i.e. B. Com graduate, can opt for various types of job opportunities, depending upon his interests and specialization.
Currently B. Com or Bachelor of Commerce course is given in many distinct disciplines to train candidates in a particular field. This is a three year graduation program which could be attended by students after completing their college education. Here is brief information about some common B. Com courses offered by reputed management institutes.
B. Com (Honours) – or B. Com (H) is a bit up than ordinary B. Com. Nowadays many colleges run these courses in session system just like they do for Engineering, MBA or alternative classes. Pupils are taught all the subjects in more detailed form than they're covered in ordinary B. Com. Besides students are allowed to select one subject for specialization in their final year. For example you can elect for specialization in Accounts, Cost Account, Management, Computer, Economics or some other subject.
B. Com (Computer Application) – In this class students are taught about computer program, software development and operating procedures, along with regular trade subjects like accounts, economics, data, etc..
This class make them eligible for applying for a job at a company / firm engaged in import / export activities.
B. Com (Tax Procedure) – An increasing company has a similarly growing requirement of handling its taxes economically. That is exactly what this course has been designed for. It equips students with the knowledge of tax procedures and essentials, together with other industrial areas. After completion of the course students are able to apply to get employment at Accounts or Tax section of any company or can even begin their own tax exempt company.
B. Com (Advertising & Sales Management) – Advertising and Revenue Management would be the vital facets of any growing business which it can't do without. B. Com with specialization in Promotion and Revenue Management trains students with marketing and advertising skills and fundamentals, a good going for those who have interest in marketing market.
B. Com (E-Commerce) – E-commerce is your next inevitable thing. B. Com with specialisation at E-Commerce prepares students to efficiently handle e-commerce business like online shops, or business portals. Students are made aware of the legal and technical issues both.
B. Com (Office Management) – This specialty turns the candidates in effective office managers. Pupils are tendency in computer software, office management, communication skills, work ethics and corporate culture. You will find great job opportunities in this field too.
There can be more new areas added to the course. The conclusion is that this is a very best career option even for ordinary students and can be completed without costing you a good deal.

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