Intern Responsibilities

Intern Responsibilities:


Intern Responsibilities



                                                                                                                                                                                               Why Work & Study Program ??

The following is each enrolled HTIR intern’s responsibility:


Have excellent spoken English

For U.S. based companies, time is money.  Whenever a new employee is hired it is imperative that the new person has excellent language skills. Because the companies are paying their managers so much to train new employees, they have zero tolerance for an employee who cannot understand what is being said by the managers, or who speaks to the managers and cannot be understood clearly.


Proficiency in skills claimed by the student

It is also necessary that our candidates have the skills needed by the companies who want to hire them. We have discovered that it is not enough for the students to state that they have experience in certain skills–rather, they must demonstrate a high degree of proficiency in those skills.

As with the need for good English skills (as explained above), there is need for new employees to have business or computer skills so that the high level managers do not also have to spend so much time in training them for their tasks. Thus, a company that agrees to an interview with one of our students may test him/her by extensive questioning during a personal interview and by use of a computer-generated test. Those who do not show high proficiency may not be hired.


Other responsibilities:

  • Pay for your own personal expenses
  • Pay for your own housing
  • Pay for all tuition and fees
  • Participate in locating and obtaining an internship job position
  • Provide truthful and accurate information on your resume
  • Present yourself and perform in a professional, business-like manner while on the job and on campus
  • Notify your employer immediately if you are unable to report to work because of sickness or emergency
  • Pay for your own airfare to and from the USA and pay for any vacation travel expenses