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HTIR is the global leader in work-study programs in the United States, with work-study programs at colleges and universities throughout the US. This unique program allows international students to study in the US and work while studying even during the first year of the program. Unlike other work-study programs that require international students to wait one year before they can legally work, HTIR’s work-study program allows students to earn money to pay for their education while gaining valuable work experience, as well as a recognized master degree from an accredited school upon completion of the program.

In this unique CPT program (also known as a co-op, work-study or internship program) students can work in full time, paid, practical training employment for the whole duration of the master program in order to enhance the educational experience.

Work Study Opportunities Include:

  • Employment available for international students
  • Work during the day and take classes in evenings or on weekends
  • Employment is with off campus companies
  • Students are paid regular “American” wages
  • Both part time or full time employment available
  • The work-study program is available for both Undergraduate and Master students
  • Work-study employment positions are currently available at all schools.


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