Earning an MBA: One student’s perspective

Grzegorz Radon wants a better paying job when he returns to Poland after earning his master’s degree in business administration from a California university in May. He was working as a translator for a Japanese company in Poland, and started looking for MBA opportunities online in January 2012.

“International companies are looking for employees (in Poland), and they tend to pay much more to those who have an MBA from foreign universities,” Radon says.

He discovered HTIR Work-Study USA, and was intrigued by not only the opportunity to earn an MBA from Lincoln University in Oakland, Calif., but also to gain work experience in the field.

“It’s not only education that’s important, but it’s important to use the knowledge, the practical experience,” he says.

When he arrived in California, Radon received help filling out all the immigration paperwork required to qualify for a work-study, internship or curricular practical training (CPT) job. He also needed to develop a resume and apply for jobs for international students that met all the immigration qualifications. He received a job offer from a startup company that does research on medical devices. But before Radon could accept the position, he had to receive authorization from Lincoln University that the job work was related to his major.

After starting work, Radon also had to enroll in an internship course, where he wrote reports on his work experiences for credit. His internship was paid, which helped to offset his tuition, and living expenses. He says the work made the cost of his degree financially feasible.

Students interested in earning a master’s degree in the United States need to be open and positive toward the challenges they might face, Radon says.

“At the beginning, it’s kind of difficult. It’s not easy to find an internship for international students, to tell the truth. You need to be patient. Motivated. I think it helped me a lot that I had experience,” he says.

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