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Common French Phrases

Common French Phrases

Learn to speak French in this free online French language class for novices. Get simple lessons on learning useful common phrases for business or travel to France, with a pronunciation guide.
Series Summary
French (Le Français) is a Romance language; which means it came from Latin, like Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, not that it's the ideal language for an amorous exchange. However, French is often considered as the language of love , possibly because of the pictures we remember of the hopelessly romantic Pepé Le Pew attempting to catch a specific unfortunate black cat at the arms of his French embrace. Astonishingly, French is the second most popular language for research, the first being English. Non-native pupils who learn French are predominantly taught the variant known as "français neutre," or Parisian French, which is mostly erudite and free from regional coloring.
Around 175 million people speak French worldwide, not only in France, but also the states of: Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Haiti, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Congo, Gabon, Madagascar, Niger, Rwanda, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Laos, and Vietnam.
No matter your use of French will be, whether for travel, holiday, or business, learn some common phrases and expressions which will be able to allow you to get around, book a hotel, take a taxi, buy some aspirin, make a friend, or go to some party. These lessons are given by a native French speaker, and in each clip she speaks the phrases slowly and with the proper pronunciation.

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