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Now, as promised to you last week, I am happy to share why I love working with HTIR. When I first became part of the HTIR crew, I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, I was nervous because I’ve never worked on an international level before! However, this feeling would soon come to pass as I quickly fell in love with the idea of collaborating with students, developers, business men and women, and future leaders of tomorrow. All of which are achievable by helping students attain a higher education in The United States. Knowing that I’m playing a role in someone else’s life, regardless of how major or minor, is always a humble and rewarding feeling everyday I enter work. Working with HTIR made me reflect heavily onto myself as sometimes I felt closed off to the world. In some ways, HTIR figuratively and literally opened my eyes to the endless opportunities we as a global society demonstrate and often times, I am amazed by the capacity of education, enlightenment and compassion I see from our students. Because of the initiation of our student’s eagerness to learn places a happiness inside me; to know that in some way, future generations and our world will be in good hands. I am constantly reminded of this through the efforts of how our students are not only driven with the ambition of success, but the rather with the inner-personal achievement to make a difference in their cities, countries and the betterment of our planet as a whole. Some student’s write back to me expressing their gratitude and thanks. Others express their amazement of working with them on such a personal level, considering that HTIR performs on a vast international platform. This is perhaps what I love so much about being apart of HTIR team, conversing and getting to know our students. Collaborating at a level like this demonstrates and reaffirms the uniqueness of the HTIR Work Study Program. I would like to return the favor for those who are reading this, for those who have been a part of this tremendous program and for those who make this program possible. And finally, I would like to express my undying gratitude to the student’s who make possible a brighter and sustainable future. Your efforts bring about smiles and hope. Always, Chrissy

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