Cheap Colleges from the Caribbean Basin

Cheap Colleges in the Caribbean Basin

Pupils at colleges in the Caribbean Basin enjoy Extensive recreational activities.
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The Caribbean Basin is usually regarded as the Atlantic Ocean islands and shore between North and South America. It includes Bermuda, the Bahamas, Central America and the islands of this archipelago of the West Indies. Students often choose to research in the Caribbean due to their relatively cheap cost of research and cost of living, as compared to U.S. equivalents, and to delight in the recreational and social activities offered in this tropical area.
Community College
As inside the United States, community schools offer value-for-money vocational instruction and associate levels. Sometimes, they also provide bachelor level programs. For instance; the College of the Bahamas in Nassau provides classes in English, business, hospitality and culinary management, communications, engineering, nursing and education. To earn bachelor degree, students must complete at least 120 credits. As of 2011, every credit charges $200 for non-Bahamians and $100 for Bahamians.
With campuses at Cave Hill, Barbados, Mona Jamaica and St. Augustine in Trinidad and Tobago, the University of the West Indies offers graduate and undergraduate programs. As of 2011, a degree program costs around $15,000. Legislation levels cost around $21,000. Nationals of the West Indies qualify for important scholarship awards, which aren't readily available to non-West Indians.
Medical Degrees
The Central America Health Sciences University in Belize is currently a medical school with an educational curriculum modeled after U.S. clinical plans. It is recorded in the World Health Organization's World Directory of Medical Schools. Its applications are well-recognized and ease entrance into U.S. residency applications. As of 2011, a medical degree program costs around $20,000.
Teacher Training
Shortwood Teachers' College at Kingston, Jamaica provides diploma, undergraduate and graduate teachers' education. Level programs begin at around $13,000, as of 2011. The faculty prides itself on its educational and child development research applications, which can be recognized across the world.

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