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CAT – MBA Admission Test – Overview

CAT – MBA Admission Test – Overview 

CAT, or the Common Entrance Exam, is a power test; it is by far the most popular evaluation among prospective management pupils because it is accepted by the very best institutes. The CAT is one of the world's ost demanding entry examinations for any graduate institute.
Common Admission Test is among the biggest MBA entrance exams conducted in India, anually. The CAT score can also be accepted by more than 75 non-IIM institutes around India, a few of which are as respected as the IIMs.
Eligibility for the postgraduate programmes in direction in any respect IIMs and to look for IIM-CAT is at least a three-year bachelor's degree in any discipline from a recognised university with 50% Marks in graduation. Indian Institute of Management (IIMs), the premier business-schools of the country (and counted among the best in the world) conduct this test for selecting potential students for another round of entrance process (consisting of a personal interview and a team conversation) for their MBA and Fellow-ship programmes.
Those appearing in the last year examination of graduation are also eligible to appear in Common Entrance Test. Many folks feel that Common Admission Test (CAT) is much more of a rejection process than a selection process.It rejects those who can't make their minds work at break neck speed for 2 and a half an hour non-stop.
CAT Exam covers queries in five broad areas such as verbal ability and reasoning, reading comprehension, quantitative skills, data interpretation and logical reasoning.
The amount of questions asked in Common Admission Test vary every year and a normal CAT question paper could have anywhere between 75 and 150 questions. Announcement of this procedure for appearing in the Common Admission Test is made in leading papers in August every year for entrance into the programme commencing in the second half of June of the subsequent calendar year. The evaluation will be conducted during November. CAT 2007 Notification for entrance to 2008 session was declared.
Normally, CAT tests three of your abilities:- Problem Solving- Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning- Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. The CAT examination requires proficiency across all sections of the newspaper. So, the number of segments in the exam do not really matter; what's if you're competitive and have answered questions in all the sections.
All the queries are of multiple-choice nature with four/five alternate answer choices and the candidate has to choose the best answer for each of these queries and mark it on a particular Optical Reader response sheet. Differential marks are allocated into the queries. The evaluation comprises 150 to 200 objective type questions and is normally split into a few sections. The number of queries in the evaluation was coming down steadily, from nearly 200 from the 1990s to 90 in 2005 and just 75 in 2006.
Very small strategy could be applied in choosing the simplest questions. Cut down that and do not waste time on questions that are lengthy. 1 misconception is that you need to slove the entire Question Paper – maybe not at all. If you can solve 38 to 40 percent of the queries, CORRECTLY, you are through.
Not an Engineer – No Issues You don't Have to Be an Engineer to get into an IIM . Infact being a non-engineer may assist in the Interview part. And being a non-engineer you might be compared with different non-engineers. Instead of with engineers who may be compared with IITians.
Private or Postal Coachings is Great for CAT Preparation. The Coaching Institutes will teach you shortcuts and you'll get opportunity to appear in Mock Tests conducted for CAT. There Are Lots of Great Training Institutes – Bulls Eye, Ascent, TIME, IMS, Roots Education and Career Launcher. It is challenging to say which one institute is the best MBA Entrance coaching Institute. It entirely depends upon faculty. Before joining any coaching classes, first consult to students who have already joined that particular institute. These MBA Test Preparation CDs assist you to practice the tests.

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