??                 Why Work & Study Program ??


• Assist in locating high quality, accredited universities with affordable tuition.

• Assist students in obtaining TUITION PAYMENT plans. We make it possible to start school with a small down ($3,000-$4,000) and then make monthly, interest-free payments.

• Assist with U.S. University Admissions for School acceptance in order to obtain QUICK issuance of government issued I-20s.

• Provide FREE consultation regarding U.S. visa guidance in complying with immigration rules.

??? Assist in locating scholarships which are available for International students.

• Find Work and study opportunities which allow students to legally earn wages in order to pay educational expenses.

• Locate Work and study curricular practical training (CPT) options which give students real life experience so they are strong candidates in the competitive, global job market.

HTIR charges no service fees for these benefits!!!   (However, there is a $250 school application/express mail courier fee)


  • Paid Employment Opportunities often beginning as early as the first year
  • Scholarships or Tuition Discounts
  • Affordable Tuition Fees
  • ESL (English as Second Language) available as needed for accepted students
  • No GRE or GMAT required for Graduate Applicants
  • Rapid Application and I-20 Processing

Employment Opportunities.
The schools that HTIR WORK-STUDY USA (HTIR) works with all have employment opportunities for all of their incoming students.

At the undergraduate level students can begin working on-campus at jobs they search for and are accepted into. These jobs are generally in the library, computer centers, or in tutoring or maintenance. The wages paid are at entry level, based on what is required in each state by the minimum wage laws. At some of the universities there are also off-campus jobs available after 9 months. Generally, during the summer breaks the undergraduate students can work full time.

At the graduate level (Master and PhD), students can work on or off-campus, the same as noted above for undergraduates. However, at some universities graduate students also have the legal right to full-time employment with off-campus companies that can be started as early as the first term or semester. The few places where this is possible is where the universities offer mandatory Curricular Practical Training or internships, which programs or individual courses require the off-campus experience.

While HTIR WORK-STUDY, USA sometimes provides small scholarships, as well as, locate universities which have attractive scholarships for international students. Some of the schools we have located have scholarships based on students’ GPAs in their home countries or continuing scholarships based on the students’ grades and performance term by term at the U.S. university.  In some cases, there are automatic incentive scholarships given to every entering international student.

No TOEFL or IELTS required. 
Some of the universities we work with use a holistic basis for determining a student’s eligibility. That is, they look at the whole picture of the student, including resume, recommendations, future plans as well as English ability. If a student is lacking in strong English ability, most schools will offer remedial English over the first few months to help the students get up-to-speed so they can perform adequately in their classes and jobs. Thus, they prefer to not deny admission to students only because of low scoring on an English test, such as TOEFL or IELTS.

No GRE or GMAT required.
As with a candidate’s English ability, most graduate programs use a holistic approach in their admission decisions and do not want to exclude good students just because they might not have scored well on some test such as GRE or GMAT. Because scores on such tests are not indicative of the whole person, the schools generally have chosen not to make GRE or GMAT tests required for admission.

Rapid I-20s Issued. 
The schools we have chosen to work with have all agreed to give special attention to the admission material sent to them from our candidates. The universities will begin working on a complete admissions application within just a few days of receiving, and, generally, within one or two weeks, they will have the I-20 ready to issue. Again, this commitment by the schools to complete the application processing and preparing of the I-20s depends on the applicants having sent a complete application package.



• We work only with universities that charge low tuition rates.

• We work only with universities that allow paid employment.

• We ask our universities to allow for monthly payments, or,

• We co-sign student loans so students can pay their tuition by the month.

• We work with many universities that give substantial scholarships


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