An Important message From Your Eyes (you’ve got to see this)


It’s your eyes here, and we have something really important to tell you.

We love being your windows to the world. But as you’ve no doubt noticed, we’ve been failing you badly 🙁

I mean, we’re trying our best to make things as clear for you as we can, but right now we’re fighting a losing battle

Seriously, we’re dying in here.

And it’s because of THIS.

Look, we see you pushing corrective lenses over us every day, but it’s not helping – and never will. Because every minute THIS rogue eye assassin is killing us, and taking your vision with it.

No pair of glasses will save us from this.

But there is hope.

Our good friend Brain (he lives upstairs) has just told us that if you really do care about us — and want to restore your sight to 20/20 perfection, all you need to do is eat 8 essential foods.

Yep, it really is that easy.

Click here to discover the ‘Essential 8’



Your Eyes

(aka Chris Ryan).


P.S. Oh, and please don’t ever do THIS. It’s like kryptonite to us. Seven of our owners killed themselves after doing this.

<< reverse your vision loss starting today.





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