WSP Advantages

Paid Employment   Financing/Loans    Low Tuition    Scholarships   Visa Preparation




Required School Documents


Work Study Opportunities Include:

  • Earn up to $10-$25 USD per hour
  • Full Time job with Full time MBA Degree
  • Very low investment, cost effective and affordable
  • Learn and earn at the same time 
  • Earn same wages as paid to American workers
  • Work during the day and take classes in evenings or on weekends
  • Scholarships available and pay fees in installment
  • 5 years USA visa
  • Dependents can travel together
  • No GRE/GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL required
  • The legal right to obtain a Social Security number
  • The legal right to obtain a U.S. work permit
  • The right to full time off-campus employment with U.S. based companies beginning the first semester of study
  • All courses leading to get high paid jobs
  • Employment is with off campus companies
  • Students are paid regular "American" wages
  • Both part time or full time employment available
  • The work-study program is available for both Undergraduate and Master students
  • Work-study employment positions are currently available at all schools.