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About HTIR

htir india


HTIR Work-Study USA, Inc. is a global leader in USA work and study programs. HTIR is a renowned and reliable organization based head office in Eugene, Oregon USA and branch office in Bangalore and Indore India.

HTIR was started in the 1990’s by Fred Brandenfels, an immigration attorney who specializes in assisting students in getting student visas in order to come to the USA to work and/or study.

Students Visas


HTIR’s mission would be to provide CPT possibilities for worldwide students to join top quality schools and colleges within the U.S., where they are able to take part in full-time, compensated, and practical training employment to improve their educational experience.


CPT Opportunities


The objective of a Work-Study or Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program would be to integrate real-existence employment training having a student’s education. Immigration Service rules allow worldwide master study students who’re signed up for a Curricular Practical Training course (also called a Work-Study, CPT, Cooperative Education, internship, or Co-op program) to operate in internship positions as numerous several months because the quantity of the program are students to work from first year or second year.


This CPT option is made to give students practical experience in curriculum-related employment with local US based companies and organizations. For individuals who choose the CPT option, compensated internship or CPT employment is required, starting in the very first semester from the first academic year from the student’s program. Considering the required internship or CPT employment, students need to take as many as 15 to 18 courses, with respect to the enrolled program.

Work-Study Employment Options

Why this program is unique?

HTIR work study programs have the curriculum set up so that the internships jobs are mandatory and therefore a student must begin his/her curricular training immediately upon registration and securing his/her social security number. In HTIR Work-Study Programs students can begin working in their first semester of study. This is very different than CPT programs at most universities where the applicant cannot start the CPT employment until he/she has been in school for at least one academic year (nine months). Also, most universities do not have a unique program designed specifically for the International applicant. HTIR, in alliance with the schools, has created a unique program that helps International candidates be successful in the United States workforce. The international candidate will learn about resume building, interviewing etiquette, and U.S. customs. By the time the candidate graduates from the HTIR work-study program he/she will be a prime candidate for an H-1b or a high level job in his/her home country.