Course Selection Assistance

Course Selection Assistance

Course Selection Assistance


                                                                                                                                                                                       Advantages by Working with HTIR


When you are to decide a course you will study it is very crucial decision in terms of investment of both time & money. Over past many years of our dedicated work we’ve arrived at conclusion that there pops up need of addressing the following points:

To start with we initially look in to student’s past academic and working profile i.e what he studied, which area he scored higher, what was his working profile, what is his interest, whether he is suitable for tutorial intense course or project intense, how his learning mechanism etc.

Whether he decides course or it is collective decision of his family, whether his family & friends have different ways of taking decision, whether the decision taken is mature, well thought or just an outcome of whims.

We ask them what he wants to study i.e MBA or say MS. Thereafter we show them all universities list having such courses with detail study of modules being offered, tutorials, projects, dissertations, study methods with assistance of prospectuses etc to help student find what modules the student can study with throwing light on present demand and future scope of that course of cracking a fine balance with his innate, cultivated strength and his potential to find concrete place in international job market t lead a comfortable & secure life.

We understand our responsibility both for student and country education system. It is very essential to have worked thoroughly before a student applies to any course as but for the mechanism a brilliant student will prove to be worst performer leading to chaotic situation which may culminates into wastage of money on the part of family and blot on university’s part.


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