7 Easy Steps

Getting Started:


USA Flight


Step 1: Our Counselor will Counsel the student and share the work and study universities information and Fee structures.


Work & Study Universites


Step 2: Collect the required list of documents for desired University from student.


Required School Documents


Step 3: Collect the Service / Processing fee and provide online access to track the process.

Step 4: Start Visa Training with Online material prepared by HTIR Counselors.

Step 5: Obtain scanned I-20 and acceptance letter, collect tuition deposit.

Step 6: After stamping the visa from us embassy, HTIR help our student’s for Airport pick up and accommodation nearby university area.

Step 7: HTIR associate help students for preparation of a USA format resume, introductions to companies looking for employees and showing students how to search for employment through the newspapers, the internet, job fairs or other placement services.  In the end, however, it is your responsibility to obtain your internship position.


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